We love fashion.
We live film.

We’re a production company.

A creative think tank.

A group of super talented individuals with a passion for making compelling, innovative and beautiful fashion films. We create video content to tell stories, build brand identity, market products and advertise with style.

So what exactly is
a Fashion Film?

FASH • ion film /faSH-ən film/

The new genre of filmmaking that weaves the beauty of art house cinema, the style of fashion and the slickness of creative advertising.


Multi-skilled. Multi-discplined. Creative, professional and results driven.

Ron Grebler
Director / Executive Producer

As a husky eleven year old, Ron helmed a Super-8 blockbuster involving the neighborhood kids, a few plastic guns, some laughable fight choreography and a bottle of ketchup for blood. While this film has been lost to time, Ron’s excitement about filmmaking has not. FFI is his baby and passion.

Anna Howley
Account Director

A former assistant buyer for Bluenotes, buyer for Sherson Group (Nine West) and a Merchandise Manager for Esprit Canada, Anna has been inspired with a flair for fashion her whole life. She has extensive experience in wholesale and retail buying, styling and branding for womens and menswear.

Samantha Madely

Samantha loves dreaming and scheming up stories with FFI. She has studied Film, Theatre, and Fashion, and when not writing is kept busy on both sides of the stage and screen as an actress, director, and teacher.

AJ Edmonds
Production Consultant

AJ is a cliff jumping, city-girl-turned-hillbilly with a passion for the performance, dance and the arts. As well as developing and managing feature productions, she simply loves all things film-related and was awarded the 2013 Gold Medal in Academics from UWO.

Our latest

The first segment of our series pilot, FCTV.

What to do with
a Fashion Film?

Tell your brand story in a fresh, original way. Creatively connect with your audience and generate sales.
For today's consumers: Watching is buying.™

Social Media

This genre lives and thrives online. On your website. On Facebook, Vine, Instagram. Pinterest and other social media.

Vimeo and YouTube

Far more than just online archives for content, these are channel building, engagement vehicles for consumers

Live Runway Shows

Both as an opener or as the backdrop to a catwalk, fashion films add an engaging layer of media to the show

In Store Engagement

Fashion films draw consumers into stores and keep them there, visually stimulated and primed to purchase


In theatre preshows, TV ads and as segments to traditional TV programming with fashion content, fashion films are much more than extended cut commercials

Distribution and Syndication

Smart TVs, gaming consoles, and internet TV are the fastest growing channels seeking branded content as programming

It's art if it can't be explained.
design if it doesn't need an explanation.
fashion if no one asks for an explanation.

Wouter Stokkel

People will stare.
Make it worth their while.

Harry Winston

When we experience a film,
we consciously prime ourselves for

Ingmar Bergman

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